Deidara x sasori lemon


Frowning and setting the puppet he was working on aside, Sasori narrowed his glinting brown eyes to glare at Deidara. Deidara evenly replied, "You're always so uptight. Reddening, Sasori was sorry he asked; that is, until an amusing plan formed in his head, a capricious leer tugging on his lips as he stood, striding towards Deidara. The blonde cocked an inquisitive eyebrow, leaning back on the bed he was sitting on as Sasori moved forward, gait predatory. Sasori's eyelids tapered slightly, eyes hiding behind a cleverly gleaming sheen, a gaze so lustful that it made Deidara's stomach tighten.

Sweeping over to the bed, Sasori placed his knees around Deidara's stiffening legs, reaching out to caress his partner's flushed face, chuckling darkly. His lips moved closer to Deidara's slightly ajar ones, voice becoming deeper.

Before Deidara had the chance to finish his answer, Sasori plunged his tongue into the blonde's mouth, knocking him onto his back and hungrily kissing his lush lips. At first, Deidara struggled, startled by the abrupt action, but slowly conceded once he found that his arms were already wrapping around Sasori's back, inviting him closer.

Deidara gasped for air when Sasori pulled away, instantly lunging forward, lips seeking Sasori's mouth. Sasori could not deny the smug smirk encircling his lips at Deidara's adorable expression, the desperate look of yearning and need was reflected so vividly in his ingenuous ice-blue eyes. Sasori thumbed Deidara's chin, placing his mouth beneath Deidara's earlobe and sucking on that tender spot.

He felt Deidara convulse underneath him, his grip tightening. Sasori continued moving his lips against Deidara's skin, making him groan, both their bodies relaxing with the sensual movements of Sasori's lips. The redhead casually lowered his hands, fingers running along the seam of Deidara's pants and nba player name generator the blonde shudder.

Grasping Deidara's hips in a sudden moment and squeezing, Sasori attacked Deidara's lips with an upsurge of vigor and passion, trapping him in his arms until Deidara was melting in his embrace. Sasori continued assaulting his lips, tongue prodding at his mouth as one of his hands began rubbing at Deidara's crotch, making him groan, delicious sensations pulsing through him.

Sasori seized the given opportunity to tear off Deidara's shirt, then removing his own. He claim Deidara's coveting lips again, hands touching his taut skin and making Deidara tense to a point where his entire body was rigid, the bulge in his pants nearly perceptible. It was certainly tangible, Sasori had noticed, as he continued rubbing where the erection was blooming in the confinement beneath his fingers.

deidara x sasori lemon

Wriggling beneath Sasori, Deidara shifted, trying to sit up, but was quickly dragged back down. There was no escaping the dizzying sensations, the sinful pleasure; it was everything Deidara could have ever wanted from Sasori.

Above him, the redhead chuckled lightly, staring libidinously at his trapped partner.I find it hard to believe that not one person has taken advantage of the fact that sesori is a puppet master and could make the girls do what ever he pleased.

I find rape to be a little cliche, myself, but whatever you like I guess. See, I don't think it has to be rape.

deidara x sasori lemon

Some people write it like that, which I dislike mostly because of morals, but some people just can't write it wellbut I don't think you have to. Some of the things Christian Grey did in 50 Shades would be considered rape IF he hadn't had the contract. But, bondage in general would be very similar, in my opinion, to what Sasori would be doing with his chakra strings.

If I was a better writer myself, I would have done it ages ago. I would think that kinky people would enjoy it. Excuse me while I take a cold shower! Anyway, just my opinion. This was an amazing fic, and you're extremely talented.

Tobi x Deidara doujin

It was an honor to read your work! Labels: Sasori no Akasuna.

deidara x sasori lemon

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Deidara's new in town and he can't help but have that femanine figure that attracts older men.

Being a young kid is hard on him as he avoids getting raped everyday. Sasori and Deidara; An Unusual Thing. A ten-year-old blue eyed blond jumped a privacy fence, breathing hard, trying to catch his breath. He failed to hear the foot steps that were approaching him as he continued to rest his back to the fence. He opened his eyes and tensed when he saw the twentyseven-year-old man.

Shouldn't you be in a more lady-like outfit instead of boys clothes? I'm calling your parents. He then looked up and tensed at the look in the man's eyes. Then no one will miss you. That would make an excelent trait on a puppet.

You can't kill me, un! I'll serve under you, yeah! I'll lour people here for you, yeah! How come? You don't have any family, and from what I see daily, no friends. Sasori shrugged and pushed himself up. If not, then I'll just have to use you. Do you have a name, kid? I know. Deidara stared at the contents, his stomach growling. He slipped his shirt off and froze when he heard the man rest against the door frame.

The only thing I have that'll fit you are girl clothes. I'll get you a pair of pants and one of my t-shirts.

Hope in the shower and I'll be back.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. KisaIta Inc. The world just wasn't made for him, but that didn't mean he wasn't willing to try to make it work. A head canon-filled life of Deidara. Sakura is an actress coming off of a brief hiatus. Sasuke is a rockstar with an up and coming acting career. The two get cast in a romantic action flick, but there's one thing they missed in their contracts: they have to pretend to date to promote the movie!

Sakura wears her heart on her sleeve, and Sasuke isn't one for romance, but they can't deny the spark that's heating up between them. Will they be able to keep reel and real separate? Konan may not agree with everything Nagato does, but she still cares about him. Nagato knows this and appreciates it. So when she makes one not so tiny request, he decides it can't hurt to agree. That was a mistake. She could adopt one child, he had said. When she returned for her mission with five, he wasn't exactly pleased.

But then, children don't come with refunds, he supposed. This is the story of how the Akatsuki ended up raising a group of chaotic children. What started as five only grew, until Konan got even more than she ever wished for.

The children in question? Deidara likes cats. Sasori does not really care about them, one way or another. Collection of my drawings too inappropriate for Tumblr.

Chapters rarely have to do with each other and each will be labeled so you can avoid seeing anything you don't want to. The burglary at the Uchiha's place didn't end like everyone thought it had.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. The special twins were made into criminals under unfortunate circumstances and joined the gang called Tailed Beasts.

All of them shared a similar trait, supernatural powers. Madara as the gang leader and Hashirama as the second trained them into who they were today. And now they'll use those skills. While in college Hidan discovers so many new things, like love, friendship, and joins the cult of Jashin. Na'to was named after his father, Minato, Naruto was named after Naruto Musasabi, the protagonist of Jiraiya's first book, which made the Sannin their godfather.

deidara x sasori lemon

The tricky part is not giving up hope before that morning finally comes. Challenging myself to write a drabble every day for 50 days. Prepare for the weird, the random, and of course, the fluffy.

In a world where your position of power is determined by your status, there is little hope for those who fall under the lowest status level to ever become something more. Sasuke is determined to fight the status quo of his biological determined status.

To hell with his father, to hell with biology and social norms, he will become what he desires, no matter the danger to himself physically and mentally.

In a gentle twist of fate, the Sound trio survived the chuunin exam, although they've wordlessly gone their separate ways. Funnily enough, it seems like something is pulling them back together in the form of a criminal organization. Naruto got hit by a strange Jutsu which turned him into a baby, 2 years old to be exact.

He gets found by none other then Uchiha Itachi.

What's Itachi going to do with a baby Naruto and where or how is he going to hide him from the Akatsuki members? It began like crack, then it become a fic about Kakashi and Obito horrible coping method and how they hurt each other. All the darker secrets of the serie are reveled here. And I'm not sure anymore that Orochimaru is the worst human being in this story.

This is the darkest part of the serie. To understand what is happening you don't need to read the previous parts of the story but it would be recommended. Reborn into the Naruto world, how will our heroine traverse life in a ninja village whose future she kind of remembers from anime binges in her youth? Training as an Academy student, bullied. Chosen as a member of team 7, underestimated. Now her time to shine as a shinobi has come, and not in the form of the emotionless path she thought she would eventually have to follow.

Naruto-Naruto Shippuuden.

The Leaf Village.You sighed and pushed him lightly off of your bed. Tobi slightly hung his head. Tobi-kun will leave now. You shook your head. You were a part of the Akatsuki. It was supposed to be a criminal organization, but sometimes it seemed like a daycare.

Sure, everyone was old enough to take care of themselves. But did they? Of course not. Since leader-sama told the clan the day before that they had today off, you threw on some jeans and a tee shirt. While you were getting dressed, you pondered what you actually wanted to do with your life in your zen-like morning state. Very philosophicalI know. You brushed your teeth and paced your small bedroom. There was a soft knock at her door. You sighed. You hated being bothered, especially in the morning.

You opened the door to see the answer to your very philosophical question from earlier. It was Deidara. You forced a smile. It wasn't that you didn't like the quirky blonde, you just didn't really enjoy being bothered in the mornings. You actually really liked him. Like, A LOT. Deidara giggled at you. You'll come, right? Was this a date? You quickly shook the thought out of your mind, not wanting to get your hopes up. You smiled as you shut the door and continued to get ready.

Tonight would be fun. You had her mind set on Deidara. You wanted him, and it was going to happen. You headed to the living room to find the entire Akatsuki clan there, chatting away.

Itachi was sitting in the corner, painting his nails. Tobi was bothering Zetsu while he argued with himself over whether or not he should eat Tobi. There were a few people playing a game of black jack.Yes, I know that's why I wrote Originality at the top and this might be the only time I write my own yaoi fanfic. If this is any good, I'll gladly write another one.

And it might not be another SasoDei, I'll do ones that you may want me to do. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Sasori my man, why are you in my room? Then why is my closet opened with you in it hmm? I thought I heard something in your closet so I went inside to go check it out myself! So, Deidara pushed Sasori out of his room and locked the door. Sasori walked to his room thinking to himself. Damn, I was so close but then he walked in the door and spotted me Well then, I can always try something else Deidara was practicing with his art molding; seeing if he can make several new types of figures he can make.

This had been a pretty much good day. Better get ready for bed un. Have you seen my stake? I can't find it anywhere. What did you do with it hmm? I had it laying on my bed and now it's gone!!

I think Kakuzu stole it just to piss me off and it's working!!! There are others in this house Please lower your voice Or what Itachi?!

If we're lucky, seven. Hey Itachi, I just noticed that Kisame isn't here. Where is he hmm? He's not in a good mood He might return later tonight Goodnight Itachi my man un. He took off his shirt and his pants off but of course he left his underwear on.