Dual filament led brake light bulb


The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Also picked up some bulbs dual filament so they'll function as signals as well.

I'm assuming I need to pick up some 's as well to replace the other 6V bulbs? As far as wiring them up, I have a couple questions. They are a two wire set up. My car has 3 wires. Will I need new 2 wire sockets for the s since the lights originally had single wire sockets for the single filament bulb? Or can I just twist the two wires together that go to the s? Sorry if these are newb questions. I tend to muddle my way through this stuff!

BullAug 8, Apples and oranges here The A light is set up to do the job with two single filament bulbs, one with higher candlepower. You could do 2014 vw beetle cigarette lighter fuse full version, I guess, if you replace the contact with the double kind so two filaments do tail and one signal Also, be aware that some sockets have the two side pins level with each other, some are staggered.

Bruce LancasterAug 8, You need to get dual contact sockets to use bulbs. Any auto parts place has them for a couple bucks. One wire will go to turn on the car, other will go to brake. That takes care of your 3 wires. TitoAug 8, Ok, so I really didn't need the dual filament bulbs? The bulbs that came with the lights were of the single filament 6V variety -- with the top bulb being larger than the bottom.Posted by beefstew4Apr 17, Featured Products from our Supporting Vendors.

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Universal Specialty Light, Double Filament Bulb, Red Lens

Chat with others, create a build thread, post questions and answers. Get involved! Logging in will also remove many of the advertisements, along with this notice. Apr 17, 1. Buy at ExtremePSI. Apr 17, 2. They do make high intensity LEDs like inovalights but wiring a few in series would be just as efficient. Apr 18, 3. Apr 19, 4.

LED Filament Bulbs

Ebay has quite a few LED products. Try and get a LED that is mcd or higher. Depending on the size you may be able to find quite a large LED or wire a group of led's together. Apr 19, 5. You know something that fit in the socket like a stock bulb would, do they not make a bulb like that? I knew i should have not listened to him. Apr 21, 6. Apr 21, 7. Those are just colered bulbs. Im talking about a setup that has like ten clear led's in a circle and fit directly into the sockets like a normal bulb, i actually had one one time, but they were the "single filament" improper term that only lit up one type of lighting source at a time.

For example, they will light up as parking lights, but they will not light up as turnsignals AND parking lights-- like our cars have. They can only light up as one source at a time. Apr 22, 8. Apr 26, 9.Those other super bright, super high powered tail light bulbs may be easy to see, but they also generate enough heat to discolor your lens and burn the paint.

Halogen tail light bulbs are brighter than standard bulbs, but use less energy, which means they burn cooler. Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart.

In Stock. Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment. Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part Add to Buildlist. Click to Login. Tail Light Component:. OEM Replacement:.

dual filament led brake light bulb

Driver and Passenger Side. Bulb Type:. Overall Diameter:. Overall Length:. Sold in Quantity:. Part :. Info Those other super bright, super high powered tail light bulbs may be easy to see, but they also generate enough heat to discolor your lens and burn the paint. Ground shipping only in the contiguous US. Related Products. Turn Signal Indicator for H-4 Bulbs. Garage Sale - Tail Light Bulbs.

dual filament led brake light bulb

More Like This. View All Tail Lights and Components. View All Speedway Tail Lights. Super Bright Power Bulbs, Straight. Red Cowl Light Lens, 3 Inch. Our side mirrors with LED turn signals are a quick upgrade you can make to your car to set it apart. Speedway Motors employee Pat O.Product Code: LED flasher for vintage and classic cars and motorcycles.

This flasher is LED compatible so you can use led's or incandescent bulbs or a combination of both. The flasher creates real clicking sounds like an old flasher. The flasher rated load can handle up to 6 bulbs or watts. The lamp rating should be from. The rated voltage is from 5 to 7 volts DC.

LED vs Incandesent Tail Light Bulb Review

Voltage drop is rated at mv. The flasher will fit a standard 3 Pin female relay flasher socket. The shell is made of plastic for rugged long life. The flasher is self adjusting lamp amperage draw from.

The flasher is led compatible so it does not indicate a bulb out condition by hyper flashing. The flasher time to first flash is less than 1. The led bulb works for both positive ground chassis or negative ground chassis. Up to Lumen for brake light and up to Lumen for tail light. This bulb is same as bulb that has two brightness levels or two filaments one is for the tail light and the other is for the brake light. This bulb works great for non polarity 6 volt positive or negative ground.

Made with the highest quality Samsung SMD led chips. Up to Lumen output for brake light and up to Lumen for tail light. Operates voltage up to 7. Voltage higher than 7. This bulb will work the same as a incandescent bulb without the power drain or the filament breaking.

Special design for older cars. The life is up to 30, hours. Available BA15D. Great bulb for tight fit, this small high power led is great for all applications, very bright lumen output in degree illumination. This bulb will operate in classic old cars with positive chassis or negative chassis car or bike, low voltage. Comparable to a 25 watt incandescent, very small fits it tight bulb locations.These universal lights are a great addition to your hot rod, street rod or custom application.

The red lens and double filament bulb makes them useful as a tail light, third brake light or turn signal. The marker light is grounded through the mount. If you are using this on a fiberglass body, you will have to connect a wire from the mount base to a good chassis ground point.

Help is just a click away! Products to Compare max of 3 X. Add to Cart. In Stock. Store Pickup Availability X. Lincoln, NE. Select your vehicle to verify fitment.

dual filament led brake light bulb

Select a vehicle to verify fitment. Select Vehicle. Part Add to Buildlist. Click to Login. Info These universal lights are a great addition to your hot rod, street rod or custom application. Ground shipping only in the contiguous US. Related Products. More Like This. View All Auxiliary Lights and Components.This information is provided by the carrier and excludes weekends and holidays. Note that transit times may vary, particularly during peak periods or in climate weather conditions, and that delivery times frames will need to be extended for any processing time frames in excess of business days.

By law, sales tax is automatically computed on products. It is also the additional costs such as additional packing materials, insurance, and the labor required for shipping, and packing. No return package will be accepted without a valid RMA number. There is no restocking fee for damaged or defective products. This can be obtained by you from our customer service people. The RMA number must not be written on the manufacturer's product box.

Please allow up to ten days from shipment for your return to arrive at our Returns Warehouse because the delivery times vary depending upon the shipper.

Your return will be processed by the Returns Warehouse within business days excluding weekends and holidays. Risk of loss for product being returned is yours during shipment between you, our returns center, distributor, or manufacturer, or back to you.

Title to the product being returned remains with you until acceptance by returns center, distributor, or manufacturer. These leds are easy to install for my Yaris. I used them for brake lights.

dual filament led brake light bulb

They come on instantly and very bright. Its polarity sensitive as well. Stock bulbs have NO comparison with these leds. Great bulbs! Despite what the name and images imply, I don't think these are any brighter than normal bulbs, they might even be a touch dimmer, but not so much so that it's a problem. They are also a little taller than stock bulbs and just barely fit in the housings on my hyundai santa fe, but they work just fine, blinkers too.

For the price, and considering at this point they'll probably outlive my car, I can recommend them, they also look pretty cool, on and off. They work great. Plug and play. Only thing is with my car I didn't realize it but my brake lights are also my running lights. Driving lights, daytimes whatever you wanna call it.

How to Convert to LED Turn Signals and Brake Lights

So now I need to get new ones. Woops haha. Great LEDs tho. Highly recommend. Not as bright during the day, but at night it satisfies. I used as front turn signals, easy to install receptors as well. Bulbs were a perfect fit for replacements on my 98 mustang. Only use about a quarter of the amperage as standard and run about the same temp.

Cupcake Liner. Cube Box. Metallic Cello Bag. Micro Fiber Cloth. About this item. Be aware of the length of your bulbs you want to replace, make sure this bulb will fit. If your vehicle does not appear in the compatible list, please feel free to contact us, to confirm with us regarding the list.The is the single pole, turn signal bulb, and the is the dual pole bulb for brake lights.

On my Gen 2 Mitsubishi Montero I found that a millimeter or two made a difference. Another consideration is that older lens housings are designed to work with incandescent bulbs, i. If you use an LED that projects only in one direction, light will only appear to come from a small part of the turn signal or brake light lenses. This is especially an issue with the marker lights on some models of ARB bumpers, as the bulbs in the lens housings do not face forward.

A normal flasher uses resistance in the turn signal circuit to control the flash rate. Since LED bulbs have much less resistance, it throws the flasher off causing the turn signals to blink really fast hyper flashing. Some sites suggest adding a resistor to the circuit but that creates heat and negates the LEDs low-power-draw benefit.

Some even work with both incandescent and LED bulbs. This is what the flasher in my Montero looks like. That has to do with the positioning of the connector pins.

On the Montero, and probably on a lot of Japanese trucks, the flasher can be found on the interior side of the firewall between the engine and passenger compartments. Note the opening for the speaker. In this view, you can see the speaker opening on the left side of the image. The red arrow points at the flasher relay. The flasher has a pair of plastic hooks by which it snaps into, and holds itself, to its base. These have to be pried away from the base and unhooked in order to remove the flasher, which can be a little tricky.

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