Land cruiser 200 diesel problems


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Home Forums Vehicle Specific Series. Greygum New Member. Jan 15, 2 0 1. Hi Im a new member Current vehicle series diesel purchased new. Did not lose power. Toyota replaced EGR under warranty. Now at k same lights came on and power decreased to limp mode whilst towing a Van.

Surely EGR shouldn't be the problem again. Would appreciate any advice Greygum. Grimbo Well-Known Member.

Toyota LandCuiser 200 series intercooler

Dec 3, Greygum said:. Rick James New Member. I've fitted a ProVent Catchcan and Direction Plus 30 micron fuel pre-filter as a 1st step remedial service and have arranged to have the motor analysed and checked by local experts prior to an EGR valve clean. Are there any comments from others who "have been there done that" that may give me better insight to the problem and how to rectify.

Jul 29, 43 Brussels.No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Toyota Land Cruiser reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. The LandCruiser has a long and proud history in this country. In some parts of the Toyota has issued an urgent recall for almost 23, LandCruiser 70 Series with warnings the vehicles are at risk of catching fire when the DPF is operating.

From the look of things, this type of recurring limp-home-mode problem with the LandCruiser is usually down to one of three things. The first is a damaged or faulty stepper motor which controls both the throttle and the variable vanes on the turbocharger. The advice there is to use the genuine Toyota part, not a cheaper copy. Any glitch here can send the car into limp-home. The internet is no help either, so I took my trusty tape-measure around to a Toyota dealership and worked it out old-school.

Bigger tyres and lifted suspension will throw that into a cocked hat. This was a relatively early example of the turbo-diesel V8 and while they improved as Toyota made running changes, the early engines were known to burn a bit of oil. After his years of ownership, your pal should be well aware of things like that, so get some straight answers. Bythe LandCruiser had gained bigger brakes and a bigger wheel and tyre combination, making these later versions the best for towing.

Pre versions were limited to towing kg, but the upgrade took that limit to kg which is still competitive even today.

The transmission makes no difference to this limit. The car you want will need to have a towing rating of kg, which cuts the field down considerably. Your best bet is probably a used Toyota Landcruiserit would tow your caravanand parts are readily available in most parts of the country. It could any number of things and the dealer should be able to identify and rectify the cause for you.

Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search. Toyota Land Cruiser Problems No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Toyota Land Cruiser reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Diesel Engine Transmission. Show More. Toyota Land Cruiser Series: What is the height of the running board? Answered by CarsGuide 1 Feb Toyota Land Cruiser Is this a good car to buy second-hand? Answered by CarsGuide 11 Jan Toyota Land Cruiser What is the towing power of this car?It was fitted to the series Land Cruiser range. This was a single Garrett GTAv turbo as available herebut it is not the focus of this page.

But a twin-turbo variant was introduced in September and fitted to the series Wagon Land Cruiser. The twin set up is an IHI turbo with an asymmetrical left and right side configuration. There is some talk about problems relating excess oil use with twin turbo Series. Some of this appears to relate to faulty oil system components. With vacuum pumps and problems with the oil strainer blocking with sludge indicated. Others believed excess oil consumption related to a problem with the seals in the IHI turbo chargers.

Thereby remediated by replacing turbocharger seals.

Toyota Land Cruiser Problems

As some of these issues relate to the turbocharging of the engine, a few have gone back to the Series. Excess oil use aside, more serious turbo problems appear to come from dust ingress into the IHI turbos. The left side from driving position turbocharger appears more prone. And vehicles that are driven in more remote areas on unsealed roads, like those used in the mining industry, are more prone to this foreign object damage FOD.

land cruiser 200 diesel problems

If you own a series diesel V8 and it has been used like this, there is a high possibility the turbo may already have FOD. It just may not exhibit any symptoms yet. However, if one of the turbos e. LHS has to be replaced, then it is recommended best practice to have both turbochargers replaced at the same time. But it is not entirely necessary, and often dependent on finances available.

In this case, it appears that an aftermarket system is not better. But the OEM filter will not necessarily completely cure the issue. However, anecdotal evidence suggests it may slow the problems occurrence. So perhaps consider changing back to OEM filtering and perhaps change that filtering system more often.

More so than for the older 6 cylinder diesel engines, for the Land Cruiser Series Diesel V8 it might be worth doing a full service before the usual 10,km mark.The Toyota Cruiser VX 4.

Let me start by stressing a very serious issue. Make sure to take your VX to your nearest Steves Auto Clinic to have the chassis inspected for cracks. At the end of the chassis, the 3. That is all a crack needs to start being a crack… This crack will then follow its way down the welding, as can be seen on the picture.

land cruiser 200 diesel problems

From another angle, the problem this holds for the suspension, is even more visible and equally alarming. Here the paths of the cracks are clearly visible as indicated by the red encircling. It is therefore essential that you have your series Cruiser inspected at SAC. The earlier series seems to have serious issues with the DPF. There are owners who complained that the twin turbo Series used excessive oil. Some of this appeared to be related to faulty oil system vacuum pumps and problems with the oil strainer being blocked with sludge.

Others appeared to be related to a problem with the seals in the IHI turbo chargers which had to be replaced. A more serious turbo problem appears to come from dust access into the IHI turbos. The left side turbocharger from driving position appears to be more prone to the dust problem than the right side turbo.

It has been found, to add to this, that vehicles driven in more remote areas are more prone to this form of damage. The RHS turbocharger, due to its position, is less likely to suffer from this source of damage.

If however one of the turbos has to be replaced, then it is recommended to have both turbochargers replaced at the same time, but it is not entirely necessary to do so. Some preventative steps with regard to this turbo problem, may be taken.

Replace the filter with the OEM and perhaps change that filtering system more often; this will not completely cure the issue, but circumstantial evidence shows that it may slow down the occurrence of the problem.

Another aspect to take into consideration, is that engine sludge build up can be a contributing factor in turbocharge related problems. The most critical need is for the oil and filter to be changed at every service and the air filtration every few services. Oil sump levels must be neither under or overfilled. An over-filled sump creates higher pressure that pushes against the oil flowing out of the turbo oil dump lines.

It goes without saying and it is an absolute requirement to have the oil and filter changed when a new turbo is installed. This is an issue that is by no ways a frequent one, in fact it is a very isolated occurrence, but still it should be made mention of.

It should be mentioned that the Land Cruiser does not overheat on the in cab temperature gage.

land cruiser 200 diesel problems

This problem was tested by Toyota and agreed to the loss in power. According to Toyota the car cuts fuel in order to protect the car. The difference between ambient intake and manifold intake should be between 6 to 10 degrees, definitely not 30 to 40 degrees. The question can now be asked: What causes this?

Can it be the intercooler that is split or maybe dirty or blocked or even faulty hoses? The best option is to bring your vehicle to SAC and have it thoroughly inspected. Apparently this vibration like a harmonic vibration is body specific, not one felt via the steering wheel.Toyota started the production of its first in the history V8 diesel engine in The 1VD is a 4.

It has a degree V shape, and cylinder banks have a There is a forged steel crankshaft with seven balance weights on five journals inside the engine block. The bottom end also includes the high-strength steel connecting rods and aluminum alloy pistons with combustion chambers in the piston crown. The 1VD cylinder block has oil jets at the bottom of the cylinder bores which spraying engine oil on the underside of the pistons for better cooling and lubrication.

The cylinder heads are made from aluminum alloy. Each head has intake and exhaust camshafts DOHCvalve or 4 valves per cylinder 32 valves total. The engine uses the combination of a cam gear and timing chain for camshafts rotation.

The intake camshafts are driven by a timing chain, while the exhaust camshafts are driven by a gear attached to the intake camshaft. The intake duration is degrees, and exhaust duration is degrees. Roller rocker arms actuate the valves. The intake valve diameter is a The valve stem diameter of the intake and exhaust valve is the identical - 6 mm. The fuel system is modern. There is common rail D-4D direct injection, nine-hole fuel injectors, and Denso HP4 type fuel supply pump.

Of course, the engine has the glow plugs they are located between the intake valves. Achieving high emission standards, engineers equipped the engine with the water-cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR system and an oxidation catalytic converter. There are not many issues and common problems with the 1VD engine. It has durable and reliable cast iron cylinder block. Early engines until have a potential issue with high oil consumption.

The reason for that is a failed vacuum pump. The updated version of the vacuum pump never caused any problems. The engine doesn't like prolonged operation at high revs.

Try to avoid such driving modes. The fuel filter is very sensitive, and a bad fuel will destroy it after a few thousand miles. With proper maintenance and qualitative oil and fuel, the engine life of the 1VD engine is aboutmiles.

Engine Specs Manufacturer. Production years. Cylinder block material. Cylinder head material. Fuel type.The private toyota landcruiser There have been three major problems with this vehicle:. Shift Pattern of Automatic Gearbox :. Although the hardware of the AB60F-Gearbox seems to be close to perfection, someone at Toyota must have been a bit crazy, when they programmed the ECU to control the gearbox. There are two issues to complain:. This problem got partly fixed for Australian Customers only with a software patch, which required to be activated every time after starting the engine.

land cruiser 200 diesel problems

In lower speeds the gearbox gears up very late at low engine load, so the engine cannot deliver the giant torque. Also, when using the engine brake effect by manually down gearing, the ECU does not lockup the converter, the effect is, that the engine brake effect is worse than poor.

There is no possibility to reprogram the ECU, Toyota is ignoring this issue successfully since two years and there are some reports, that this problem is not only a Land cruiser-problem, there are rumors that also some Lexus-models are effected. How does the driver feel this issue:. Massive Oil consumption of the Engine :. It all started with a routine oil level check at km on the ODO and the stick appeared dry.

After topping more than 3.

Potential faults on the Toyota Land Cruiser VX 200 4.5 D4D

The next check was performed at The oil was then changed to a Castrol Magnatec 15W Next Oil check was at I complaint this issue to Toyota, the vehicle was taken into an oil monitoring program and immediately after a repair notice was issued by TME.

The vacuum pump got replaced. After that, the engine used about 1. Several other Toyota Land Cruiser owners do report, that the higher the outdoor temperature is, the faster they drive and the more the engine brake effect is been used, the higher the oil consumption appears. So it is clear, the real source of the problem is not yet identified, the vacuum pump was only one step. There are other unpleasant issues :. No Navigation Access by buttons while vehicle is in motion:.

No DVD watching for passenger while vehicle is in motion:. Installation by switch activated bypass relays unit to bypass the puls signal from the NAV Screen and to ground the handbrake signal at the same time.

No Power Socket in the cargo compartment:. Retrofit installation, done by the dealer. In Australia equipped as of June models. No Phone access via the Nav Screen while vehicle is in motion:. No solution in EC but there is an aftermarket unit to bypass this lockout.

Toyota 1VD-FTV 4.5L V8 D Engine Review

No stopping seat belt alarm after triggering:. Deactivation via OBD. Toyota does not answer this question since February For those of you, who are not familiar with this part, here an attempt of a simple explanation:.

Between the flywheel of the engine and the gearbox you need a clutch.Personal Finance Help Medical Advice Travel Tips from Experts General Life Advice Looking for Graduate School Test Prep. Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: GRE Online Prep Blog GMAT Online Prep Blog TOEFL Online Prep Blog Stay Informed Get the latest articles and test prep tips.

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2002 Toyota Land Cruiser

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