Thinkscript strategies


thinkscript strategies

What's new New posts New profile posts. Market Sentiment. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. Forums ThinkorSwim JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Filters Show only: Loading…. Replies Views 52K. Today at PM fishstick Replies 33 Views 2K. Today at PM tradebyday. Exporting historical data from ThinkorSwim for external analysis. Replies 37 Views 5K.


Today at PM Yghanian. Replies 10 Views Today at PM TrueDepth. RConner7 Today at PM. Replies 0 Views Today at PM RConner7. BenTen Dec 19, 13 14 Replies Views 35K. Today at AM Mikel Replies 23 Views 2K. Yesterday at PM RConner7. A trend, momentum and cycle Trading System v3. Replies Views 14K.I wrote the Thinkscript Strategies below for the entry and exit, but I found the original Donchian Channel study code on this site.

The specific code below goes to a default order size of shares. If you have any questions about the code please let me know. Enjoy and feel free to share link with anyone who would benefit from it. If you need any help adding the Donchian Channel Strategies and Studies to Thinkorswim, the following video should help. Additionally, the Donchian Channel strategies I wrote include my default breakout and stop settings.

You may want to modify those to fit your needs. Came across your scripts for Donchian channels in ToS. I dont want them to. I like the signals being generated just for information. Hey KD. They just create an order in the backtest report.

Thinkorswim Strategy Guide

Thanks for reading the blog. Sorry, I never got the money management part to work. In the addorder code, the reason to include it twice is that the first is the condition for triggering the order and the second is the price. See the link below for a little more information on that:. Hi Dan; I read your Donchain Breakout and enjoyed it. You mentioned that you were in the process of a money management system.

Have you completed it? Can I have its code to use it with ToS? Thanks Tony. Can you write this code for pine editor for Trading view?

If so, please contact me with the time and cost required. Can you confirm? Google the term "turtle trader" for more information. SetDefaultColor Color. Cyan ; lowerBand. Cyan ; middleBand. If you enjoyed this post, please share it using your favorite social media platform above. Dan from Theta Trend. Zachary Hamm. Did you ever get the money management part of the strategy working? Hi Zachary, Sorry, I never got the money management part to work.

Michael Choffy. Curious on the addorder code, why is the Highest high[1], length statement used twice? Hi Michael, In the addorder code, the reason to include it twice is that the first is the condition for triggering the order and the second is the price. Hello, Can you write this code for pine editor for Trading view?Functions present in this programming language are capable of retrieving both market and fiscal data and provide you with numerous techniques to process it.

You are even able to combine many technical indicators in one by referencing them in your code or just using functions that represent the most popular studies such as simple or exponential moving average. You can find them here.

Each tutorial comes with a quiz so you can check your knowledge. How do I learn to script? Create your own strategies. Strategies are technical analysis tools that, in addition to analyzing data, add simulated orders to the chart so you can backtest your strategy.

Strategies can be created the same way as studies, however, they must contain the AddOrder function. This function defines what kind of simulated order should be added on what condition.

thinkscript strategies

Create your own watchlist columns. More on Custom Quotes: here. Create alerts. You can be notified every time a study-based condition is fulfilled. More info on study alerts: here. Add conditional orders.

Create scan queries.You can get the full set here for a discount and have more potential trades to take, and keep your capital working harder for you. Having the higher timeframe CCI allows you to find and trade signals from larger charts that filter out the market noise and get you higher quality entries.

This is a mean reversion strategy for gapping stocks that is promoted by Dr. A client of mine was interested in developing some tools to trade this strategy on ThinkOrSwim, and so I was able to work on this project and get several tools created to make it really easy. This is a complete set, which includes the strategy script itself, along with a custom scanner to find the gaps each day, and indicators and columns to help sort and evaluate the gaps.

Quick View. Josiah is a stock trader, thinkScript programmer, real estate investor, and budding mountaineer. He's also rumored to be an in-shower opera singer. Click here to follow Josiah on Twitter. Download Types automatic pivot levels automatic support and resistance cesar alvarez cumulative rsi daily support and resistance ES etf gapping stocks gaps gap trading high probability etf trading important levels key levels larry connors mean reversion monthly support and resistance moving averages multiple timeframes pivot levels premarket premarket levels pullback r3 RSI short term trading strategies that work SMAs SPX SPY stock chart levels stock scanning supply and demand support and resistance thinkorswim chart studies thinkorswim columns thinkorswim indicators thinkorswim scanners thinkorswim scans thinkorswim strategies thinkorswim watchlists trading levels trading strategies upper studies VIX vwap weekly support and resistance.

Testimonials div. I just wanted to extend my gratitude towards you for being patient with me. Now that I understand the concept of how to use the indicators safely I decided to purchase 2 more products from you website I am very pleased and will be looking to purchase more products from you in the future I am very happy with the indicator and it has really helped me with a lot of my trades!

Thank you so much I appreciate the work your doing and sharing with the TOS community. Works great!! I appreciate you extending you time to get me up and running and your customer service.

Just want to let you know that I really like you work. Thanks for your help. Thank you very much for your help Amazing work. Love this new indicator. I actually made 2 versions of it and it works great. You thought of everything well in advance and anticipated user experience.So you have this trading strategy but you have no idea how it performs.

Yeah, it can do that. The video even includes a link to download a custom strategy that can both long and short entries.

thinkscript strategies

The link is embedded within the video so be sure to watch for it. This amazing feature in Thinkorswim is explained step-by-step. If you want to see more videos on this topic just be sure to like the video and leave some comments below.

Please be sure to share this page with your friends and colleagues. Leaving comments below is the best way to help make the content of this site even better. A viewer requested the lower study version of a strategy demonstrated in this video. I decided to make this available to everyone right here at the end of this post. The code is displayed below. Just select the text of the code and copy it to your clipboard.

You can name the study however you like, then paste this code into that window, being sure to first clear away any text that shows up by default. Hope it helps. If you any further questions just leave a comment in the box below. Hi Hahn, may i know where do I get your amazing studies and strategies library that I can download and import to my TOS platform?

Thanks for your video, very useful indeed! There is no such library.

Strategies Library

Each piece of code is published in connection with a free video tutorial. In order to download each custom tool you need to watch each video.

I just tested the file and it is working just fine. It looks difficult to build a strategy. I would like to build one, but have no way of knowing how to do it. A Short position would have the opposite logic. Short when the price crosses below the upper Bollinger Band set at 14 and close when it touches the 8 EMA.

I would also like to see if the closing order can be conditional where it has a stop loss or hits the 8 EMA.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Keep watching videos. Everything is organized by topic and listed in the menu on the left hand side bar. Please do NOT loose sight of the intended purpose of this video. Which is to show you how to build your own strategy and backtest it. That disclaimer you saw at the start of the video? I only write code and teach folks how to get the most out of the platform.What's new New posts New profile posts.

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Mar 29, korygill. Threads 45 Messages 1. Today at PM fishstick Questions Have a question about thinkScript code, ThinkorSwim, or trading in general?

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thinkscript strategies

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